Starting this fall, we’re offering a free webinar series designed to help publishers understand and tackle their most important technology issues.

Our first session focuses on some big changes ahead for Google Analytics.


You may have heard that Google is eliminating its current analytics program in favour of a new framework called Google Analytics 4.

Every website will need to make the switch before the current analytics toolkit goes dark in July 2023. 

To help demystify this process, analytics expert Monique Sherrett will present a one-hour webinar on October 19, 2022 at 1pm ET.

Google Analytics for Publishers: How to Boost Sales and Get the Most Out of Your Website

Google’s sunsetting of Universal Analytics in July 2023 will mark a significant shift in how publishers track and analyze their website performance. In this webinar, analytics specialist Monique Sherrett will discuss how GA4 is not a straightforward upgrade and why it’s worth starting the transition now. She will introduce the new features and interface, with emphasis on how to get value out of your analytics tool, whether that’s Universal Analytics or the new GA4. 

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