We regularly add new features to ReaderBound. Here are some recent highlights:


  • Multi-store configuration for running US and Canada stores simultaneously, complete with a location sniffer that detects user location (and sets their store selection accordingly), pricing and currency for each country, and integrated shipping options for each as well (Q4 2018)
  • Photo galleries! Next generation features and styles for photo galleries which can now also be embedded on title listings (Q4 2018)
  • Support added for external web links in "related book media" feature, making it easier to add external web links (e.g., to author websites or other useful resources) on title listing pages (Q3 2018)
  • New banner options! Great new tools and client-adapted styles for creating more effective full-width homepage banners (Q3 2018)
  • Enhanced support for custom category/sub-category structure to describe the publisher's list (Q2 2018)
  • Integration of e-retailer purchase links to support e-books sales via major retail accounts (Q1 2018)


  • Pre-orders! New user interface and admin side features to support sophisticated handling of pre-order sales (Q4 2017)
  • Manually add embedded video or audio to title listings (Q3 2017)
  • Create and embed photo galleries (Q2 2017)
  • Adding study guides, or other downloadable resources to title listings (Q2 2017)
  • Integrated purchase links to major e-book retailers (Q2 2017)
  • Filtered book collection listings (Q1 2017)
  • Empty shopping cart prompts (Q1 2017)
  • Editable banner message across the site and shopping cart (Q1 2017)

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