An online submission tool that makes sense

CanSubmit is the easiest way to accept book manuscript submissions online. Built specifically for publishers, every feature is custom designed to help manage submission workflow in a way that makes sense for editors and submitters. 

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Custom queues for submissions

Designate tags and custom queues that fit the need of your press. Submissions can be auto-sorted based on tags or manually sent to specific editors. 

Manage tasks internally

Set different permission levels for internal users and assign tasks as needed. Create and read reports, edit metadata, and annotate documents from one dashboard. 

Custom responses

Build questionnaires for submitters that reflect the requirements and values of your press so you have all the necessary information needed at hand when reviewing manuscripts. You can set custom responses for accepted and rejected manuscripts. While pre-set, each response can be individually edited before sending. 

Sanitized review environment

With CanSubmit, all submissions received are viewable in a safe and uniform workspace. You don't have to worry about file compatibility or viruses. In addition to being able to view online, submissions can also be downloaded to a PDF or sent directly to an e-reader. 

Centralized communications between submitters and publisher

All communication between the submitter and the publisher is duplicated inside the submitter's dashboard. No worries about responses being sent to the wrong email address or ending up in the junk folder. There's a clear line of communication throughout the process. Submitters also have the agency to withdraw submissions if desired.  

Make the most of your valuable time with CanSubmit

CanSubmit makes managing and sorting through mountains of submissions a breeze. Don't get bogged down under the weight of your inbox. Quickly sort through and find the best manuscripts for your press. 

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