ReaderBound is loaded with features designed to help book publishers promote and sell their books online.

Get the support you need

The ReaderBound service includes a dedicated support team to help you get the most out of your site – both during the initial site deployment and on an ongoing basis.

  • Get advice and best practices for online book marketing;
  • Receive tips from some of Canada’s leading experts in the ONIX data standard;
  • Access insights into the latest market trends.

Showcase your books

Help readers find your books on the web – so they can buy them!

  • Display your titles for maximum impact, reader engagement, and sales via field-tested page templates;
  • Make a compelling case for your books with extended descriptive and sample content – including reviews, awards, excerpts and tables of contents;
  • Highlight books by theme, category, series, or any other criteria;
  • Showcase new releases, forthcoming books, award winners, and works in translation with automated selections, and highlight books by format, category, series, age or grade level, and more;
  • Organize catalogues by BISAC or custom categories;
  • Automate “Also by this author” and “You May Also Like” selections;
  • Help readers find exactly what they want via advanced search features;
  • Use page templates and site architecture that are optimized for strong performance with Google and other external search engines;
  • Integrate your favourite mailing application, such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, to build your mailing list and reach readers quickly.

Drive sales online

More than ever, readers are finding and buying books online. Use your site to drive direct-to-consumer sales and boost your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Sell multiple editions from a single title listing;
  • Fulfill print orders directly or automatically pass them to your distributor for drop shipping;
  • Automatically fulfill e-book or audiobook orders, or pass them to a third party for fulfillment;
  • Easily create sales promotions using discounts, product bundles, or shipping offers;
  • Apply promotions to the entire catalogue or to specific books, categories, or other selections;
  • Use coupon codes for discounts for authors, for specific campaigns, or even for individual customers;
  • Run pre-order sales with clear shipping dates and advance purchase discounts;
  • Create new sales options with product bundles;
  • Securely process online payments via PayPal or Moneris;
  • Provide authors with custom discount codes for easy ordering through the site;
  • Have shipping and tax charges automatically calculated on the fly based on order dimensions (size and weight) and delivery address;
  • Have shipping labels and postage generated automatically;
  • Use customized order confirmations and alerts for customers.

Deliver a great user experience

A site that looks great and works great is hard to beat.

  • Get fully responsive design that adjusts seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices;
  • Receive a customized interface that works for your brand and strategy – and every template reflects best practices for interface design and ease of use;
  • Know that every major conversion point is designed to reduce friction and extra steps for users, including a single-page checkout process.

Use your ONIX

ReaderBound leverages your investment in bibliographic data by directly importing your ONIX feed.

  • Get advanced, custom-built systems to import and process ONIX data;
  • Load and reload your entire catalogue in minutes, including cover images, extended descriptive content, and excerpts;
  • Know that bibliographic data updates automatically on a daily refresh cycle;
  • Have your BISAC or custom categories supported via your ONIX data;
  • Easily add new ISBNs each season;
  • Know that relationships between editions, between titles and contributors, and between titles and other important attributes (e.g., series, categories, or other title selections) are all established and updated automatically.

Publish everything

ReaderBound features a fully integrated, enterprise-grade content management system. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with it, and especially with the control you have over most aspects of the site content and display.

  • Create new pages easily, modify display order or content on existing pages;
  • Modify navigation menus;
  • Integrate social media feeds;
  • Publish event listings;
  • Highlight press coverage;
  • Publish one or more blogs;
  • Incorporate catalogues, press releases, or other downloadable files;
  • Add audio or video content and photo galleries.

Drive down the cost of operating your site

ReaderBound is designed to minimize both the cost and the staff time required to produce a new publisher site. The system is also engineered to reduce or even eliminate the hidden costs of operating a publisher website over time.

  • See your site deployed in 16 weeks or less;
  • Have your automated features, such as upcoming title features on the homepage and sidebar event listings, continually refresh so your site editors don’t have to do it until/if they want to use a manual override on any feature to finetune site content for specific reasons and events;
  • Change what you need to directly on your site without needing developers to do routine updates for you (you manage the site – we’re just here to help when you need us);
  • Enjoy the freedom of no double data entry because of custom-built ONIX import systems;
  • Reduce staff time (and costs) for running sales promotions, filling orders, communicating with customers, and other key operations because of ReaderBound’s carefully designed features and services.

Enjoy some peace of mind

A dedicated support team and best-in-class hosting keeps your site running night and day. Every site is deployed on a dedicated server with a high-quality commercial host. A rolling backup service maintains a full backup of the live site. There is a separate staging server for quality assurance and testing, and all server systems and security are actively maintained by support team. Now that’s peace of mind!

Get ReaderBound!